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The head of Sun Software, Jonathan Schwartz, told the press on Tuesday that Sun is reluctant to open source Java despite pressure from both IBM and the open source community because it would open the door to creeping incompatibility, a story Sun has used before to maintain its stewardship over the technology. Although Sun has tolerated incompatibilities in Java when it suited them - and also sued Microsoft over it - it used concern over incompatible implementations to avoid letting ECMA standardize the thing as it promised. Sun has always had difficulty loosening its grip on Java. Ask any of its Java partners. ... (more)

SOAFaces - Bundles of Joy

SOAFaces provides what we believe to be an extensible way of building Java components for both web clients (yes AJAX and all that cool RIA stuff) and for server components. ... (more)

A Dynamic Ajax table example using dojo and RESTful Web Services on Glassfish

This Sample Catalog app demonstrates a RESTful Web Service, coded using JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services (JSR-311) and Java Persistence API, which provides a list of customers, and a Dojo client which gets and displays the Web Service responses in a dynamic Ajax table ( Dojo grid). ... (more)

JavaFX SDK Preview Now Available

Today Sun launched the JavaFX Preview SDK, a preview version of the JavaFX platform. This offering is intended to allow web scripters, designers and Java developers to become familiar with the JavaFX technology platform, JavaFX scripting language, and the advanced JavaFX plugins available with the NetBeans 6.1 IDE. ... (more)

Windows 3.1 on a Nokia N810

Running Windows3.1 within your nokia N810 internet tablet, and if thats not enough, how about Linux inside an applet inside your browser? Leave Comment Related Entries: Speaking at CloudCamp LondonA simple Java API class for Amazon SimpleDBjava.lang.InternalError at sun.misc.URLClassPath$JarLoader.getResource()Google Web Toolkit Applications (Book Review)Google's GWT continues to amaze and delightOpen Source BlueDragon, what does it mean for you?Grizzly 1.7 Released - Shows just what Java is made ofSimulating dial-up users for both your server and your browserJavaFX - Sun javax.swing's and misses once againLinux iptables - Pocket Reference ... (more)

A Field Guide to Java Direct Web Remoting (DWR)

In this article, I will discuss the Direct Web Remoting (DWR) technology developed by Joe Walker and maintained by the small IT consultancy Getahead in UK. This technology is a unique way of Ajax-enabling existing Java server-side code by exposing it in JavaScript. This sounds complicated but, in reality, the technology is relatively straightforward. It has some limitations, such as exposing overloaded Java methods or marshaling of very complex Java Objects to JavaScript ... (more)

Google selects GoGrid for its Cloud Computing Framework

Justin Kitagawa, lead front-end developer for GoGrid noted, ''When we started the GoGrid project, we wanted to push the boundaries of both front end and backend technologies. We were heavily influenced by Google Maps, the new Yahoo! Mail client, and several other state of the art AJAX applications. We wanted to have a thick client feel in the browser but with the performance of a thin client. Thick clients tend to require a much larger download and overhead, yet provide a richer experience, while conversely thin clients are much faster but less engaging visually.'' GoGrid is being showcased on the GWT Featured Project Page. GoGrid's rich, interactive graphical user interface (GUI) is built using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), an open-source Java development framework which enables GoGrid to provide a quick, responsive and interactive user experience. GoGrid is nomina... (more)

ZK 3.5 Released

ZK is Ajax framework. 100% Java, no JavaScript. With event-driven, 170+ components, and markup languages, development as simple as programming desktops and authoring HTML/XUL pages. ZK supports JSF, JSP, J2EE, and scripting in Java, Ruby, Groovy... ... (more)

Comunidad Europea en camino a aprobar la fusion de Oracle-SUN

Al parecer por fin la Comunidad Europea autorizara la fusion Oracle SUN, segun informa CIO America Latina en su edicion del 14 de Diciembre. Se debe recordar que este paso es necesario para completar la union de las 2 empresas a nivel mundial. Esta es la noticia... La planeada adquisición de Sun Microsystems por parte de Oracle parece tener el apoyo regulatorio en la Unión Europea. Las últimas promesas de las compañías para salvaguardar la competencia en el mercado de software de bases de datos, hacen que la Comisión sea optimista de que el caso tendrá una salida satisfactoria, dijo el lunes. El máximo ente regulador antimonopolio de la Comisión Europea fue el anfitrión de una audiencia de dos días a finales de la semana pasada, dándole a Oracle la oportunidad de defender su planeado trato con Sun. Desde entonces, la división de competencia de la Comisión ha estado ... (more)

PriceGrabber Releases iPad 2 and Tablet Computer U.S. and UK Survey Data

LOS ANGELES and LONDON, March 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The launch of iPad 2 and all its new features has the consumer electronics world buzzing with excitement and anticipation. PriceGrabber(R), a part of Experian, has released the results of its U.S. and UK tablet computer surveys, which explore consumer sentiments regarding iPad 2 and the future of tablet computers. These surveys were conducted prior to Apple's official iPad 2 announcement (United States: Feb. 16 to March 1, 8,794 online respondents; United Kingdom: Feb. 9 to March 1, 1,854 online respondents). More UK consumers plan to purchase iPad 2 within one month of its release Before Apple confirmed the new features of its iPad 2, PriceGrabber asked its shoppers if they anticipate being early adopters of the iPad 2 technology. While the number of first-year adopters is very similar in the United States and... (more)

CSK Auto Selects Datavantage Xstore Java POS

CLEVELAND, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Datavantage, a subsidiary of MICROS Systems, Inc. , and CSK Auto Corp. , parent company of CSK Auto Inc., one of the largest automotive parts and accessories retailers in the United States, announced today an agreement to deploy Datavantage's Xstore(TM) Java-based Point-of-Sale system. CSK Auto Inc. operates approximately 1,267 stores in 22 states under the brand names Checker Auto Parts, Schuck's Auto Supply, Kragen Auto Parts and Murray's Discount Auto Stores. The deployment of Xstore will permit CSK Auto to consolidate all of its brands on a single POS platform. With Datavantage Xstore, CSK Auto is able to manage its own software enhancements because Xstore's Java and XML-driven architecture allows for easy customization while still permitting CSK Auto to make base upgrades. "We evaluated a number of point-of-sale syst... (more)